William Shu


Since founding Deliveroo in 2013, William has overseen the platform’s swift transition from a business operating in a single city to a global player in the food delivery market.

From working as a delivery rider to gain insight into the everyday realities of the service, to overseeing the raising of nearly $200m to fund UK and international expansion, his out-standing leadership has driven revenue growth by around 25% month on month.

Under his guidance the company rapidly scaled up from a UK-based operation to a business spanning 3 continents, 12 countries and 32 cities outside the UK. He has been instrumental in developing partnerships with over 5,000 restaurants in new locations to ensure continued growth.

His focus on scalability and his attention to streamlining processes and services across di-verse new markets has been key to Deliveroo’s international success.

Runners up

Frederic  Mazzella

Frederic Mazzella


Led by passion, Frederic built a people-powered transport network based on online inter-personal trust. BlaBlaCar, the world’s leading long-distance ridesharing platform, is making travel more affordable, social and efficient.

Since 2015 BlaBlaCar has launched its activities in 9 new countries, along with the acquisition of long-standing European competitor In that timeframe, BlaBlaCar’s ridesharing community has grown from 14 million to over 30 million members, and employees now number 500 across 22 countries. The $200m raised in series D funding, at a valuation of $1.6bn, will allow the company to further its global expansion strategy.

Riccardo  Zacconi

Riccardo Zacconi


Closing King’s $6bn acquisition by Activision Blizzard in February 2016 was Riccardo’s big-gest and most visible achievement to date.

Since joining the company 13 years ago, he’s always looked to the future, building a business that continuously develops more exciting games and explores new ways to serve its players. King now leads the world in creating popular franchises for interactive entertainment.

Under his management, King’s games continue to be the top 10 highest grossing on AppStore/GooglePlay in most major markets worldwide. Mobile revenues have grown year-on-year, despite a very competitive market.


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