Dan Teodosiu


As EVP of Engineering, and now CTO, Dan has significantly expanded Criteo’s product offering in multiple areas, including mobile and social media advertising and delivering relevant ads to users across multiple devices.

Dan successfully managed an engineering turnaround, and introduced a culture of experimentation and continuous improvement in R&D, setting the highest bar for acquiring engineering talent. His actions have positioned the company for growth and scalability, creating a unique and vibrant R&D culture and growing his world-class engineering team from 120 to nearly 400 engineers across several locations.

As the leader of engineering and production he has been instrumental in supporting the rapid growth of the company, taking it from 1 billion to 3 billion unique banners a day, and from 5,000 to over 17,000 servers. Today, Criteo operates the largest privately owned Hadoop cluster in Europe.

Runners up

Eric Bowman

Eric Bowman


In 2015 Eric oversaw one of the most effective culture changes any tech company has seen on a global level. His vision of ‘Radical Agility’ set in place organisational and technical principles that defined how to build systems that can be scaled and adapted over time.

Since implementation, employee engagement and satisfaction has increased, the tech team itself has almost doubled in size, and innovation has blossomed. His checkout rebuild is seen as one of the best global examples of a major web application owned by many teams able to work in parallel and together.

Eric has made Zalando Tech a leading voice in Europe’s tech community, attracting talent from world-class developers, engineers and programmers.

Thierry Bedos

Thierry Bedos

Thierry led the project that transformed the company’s technology platform from a single brand ( to multi-brand, taking on board businesses including and

As part of this migration he reorganised the technology division to handle regional and affiliate-specific requirements, turning them into some of the most productive and innovative teams in

Under his guidance, the website features and apps powered conversions – grew the number of room nights it sells by 35%, faster than any other large online travel agent.

Thierry has been integral to innovation in mobile, ensuring the company was one of the first online travel agents to release Apple watch app and 3D touch enabled apps.


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